Getting the right luxury villa in Mykonos

Living in a villa in Mykonos is a dream for a number of people. Spending

Architecture & DesignGetting the right luxury villa in Mykonos
Getting the right luxury villa in Mykonos

Getting the right luxury villa in Mykonos

Living in a villa in Mykonos is a dream for a number of people. Spending some holidays around and cherishing the moments with your loved ones might be all that you have thought till now. The Ace VIP gives you a chance to experience the lavish lifestyle in the area with the Mykonos luxury villas. Whether it be for couples, large groups, or special people, you can find a suitable option for all your needs. However, it is important that you make the right choice when selecting the villas and here we will discuss how you can pick the one that suits your needs.

Villas for couples

Couples who look to spending their holidays in Mykonos prefer choosing the villas because it provides more privacy and better tranquility. Also, for the romantic seclusion, a detached villa can serve you the best because it gives you a chance to stay away from neighbors and their loud, noisy music, as well as avoid the prying eyes.

So, avoid going for the options that are at the center of the city, especially around the town or Chora. Also, it would be better if you go in season where tourists aren’t around and the resorts are not filled with all sorts of people. Go for the villas with pools and Jacuzzi or the holiday houses which give you access to night life and shops without much trouble.

Villas for groups

If you are going with a group of friends or a large family, you can go for the bigger villas. One should go for spacy options that give sufficient breathing room and easy movement for everyone. Consider the number of bathrooms and beds you need and see if you can have some balconies and terraces along the room which gives couples a chance to have that romantic tea and quality time together. Moreover, gated pools (if you have kids around) and enough room for outdoor activities is what you must desire.

For those that are disabled

If you have a person who has some sort of physical disability, you have to pay special attention to the place you are choosing. It would be pointless if you go with the villas that are on hilltops or the ones who have interiors with a lot of staircases and items that make it tough to move around. If you go with the hilltop option, make sure that you can access it easily.

Also, see if the rooms that are downstairs and bathrooms can facilitate the person and cater for the needs. The Ace VIP can help you in accessing the Mykonos luxury villas which are designed to make sure that the individuals with a physical disability can live comfortably.

Final words

So, these are certain things that you should consider when choosing the right villa for your family. Keep in mind that the features, including security and safety, equipped kitchens, internet access, and facilities such as entertainment rooms, pools, and other things that you desire, are all present in the villa that you are about to acquire.


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