How to have pretty girl swag?

A girl having the swag means she doesn't care what other thinks about her. She

Fashion & HealthHow to have pretty girl swag?
How to have pretty girl swag?

How to have pretty girl swag?

A girl having the swag means she doesn’t care what other thinks about her. She is always confident and remains in attitude. Having the swag is basically the way of living life with confidence in the clothing of her choice. The pretty girl swag belongs to hip hop culture and its mean when the girl wears different dresses according to the trend, she has to know how about the fashion as well as how to dress up for a different occasion. The girls who are willing to have the swag they can follow these tips to look pretty, confident and stylish

Be confident and love your body

To be a swag girl it is important to be confident. Try to accept the physique nature has gifted. If she wears some dress she must be confident and walk freely without thinking what other think about her. Don’t focus on the criticism, if she has the specific style keeps on it doesn’t try to change if someone criticizes the hip hop style. Try to give respect to mean, don’t be mean but avoid if someone extraordinary critizes on the outfit or way of spending life.

Be cool and friendly

It is good to be cool, don’t try to show the attitude to another girl in the party, try to meet her with the smiley face and have a good gossip with her. Meeting people with respect and in a friendly manner is the best quality of the girl having swag.

Dressing swag

The pretty cool swag girls try to wear the right tops that are long and have a different type of graphics on it.  Different types of shirt that she can wear are

  • Tank tops
  • Shirts with hoodies
  • Belly tops
  • Jerseys
  • Leather jackets
  • T-shirts with some funny messages

Bright colored shirts like golden, red, black, purple depending on the event she is going to attend.

Wearing the right pants and the shoes

Along with the tops, it is good to choose the perfect pant and shoes hat are compatible with the shirt as well as her personality. She can wear

  • Basketball shorts
  • Jeans
  • Drop crotch pants
  • Leggings
  • Baggy sweats with tight top

The swags with the casual look prefer to wear the sneakers while going out for any party or concert she prefers to wear the chunky heels.

Other swag accessories

along with the dress, other accessories also play a part to give the perfect swag look. these accessories includes

  • different type of earrings
  • chains
  • rings
  • tags
  • chokers
  • snapbacks
  • fitted caps
  • oversize glasses

After dressing and wearing accessories the next step is the makeover and styling of hairs. Always try to wear the funky gloss or the lip shine with the Smokey eye makeup. Use the mousse to give the hair somewhat curly look.

Now the girl is ready with the perfect swag look, she can move out with confidence and attitude and live her life with her own super cool, alluring and hip-hop style.



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