How to shop in the US for the best deals

Have you ever wondered about where to get the best deals on brand clothes, electronics

Fashion & HealthHow to shop in the US for the best deals

How to shop in the US for the best deals

Have you ever wondered about where to get the best deals on brand clothes, electronics and much more to save your money? Maybe you have heard about shopping in the US to get the best prices but is it really true that things are cheaper in the US than in the rest of the world? The answer is, yes! Let’s compare prices in the US and the rest of the world.

Levis 501

Everybody know the most famous jeans in the world, Levis 501. Average price of one pair in USA is $41. And what if we compare prices with other countries, we can see that if you want to buy a Levis 501 jeans, it’s worth to buy them in the US. Average price of one pair in Switzerland is $120 which is $79 difference. Then for example Argentina where you can buy one pair for $99 which is $58 difference. Isn’t it interesting that prices of the same product are so much different?

Apple iPhone

The most popular smartphone ever costs $749 in the US for 128GB version. On the other hand, it’s price in Russia is incredibly $1.055 which is $306 difference! But how is it possible? The reason is that US market is the largest market of consumer products in the world. According to this, prices of a lot of things are cheap in comparison with the other countries.

Best US Online Stores to Shop for Fashion

A lot of best known online shops are from the US, for example Amazon which is the biggest online shop in the world. Then some specialized shops on fashion, for example Forever 21, Style For Less, 10 Dollar Mall and the others. The problem with all US shops is that they don’t ship internationally so you need to have your own US address which can be really complicated for most of foreign customers, but there is a solution!

How to get your own US address and ship your package worldwide

There are many services which offer your own US address where you can have all your packages delivered. One of the most interesting service in this category is Planet Express. With Planet Express, you can get your own US address, where you can have all your package delivered and then, you can forward them anywhere in the world with the best shipping rates on the market. And how it works?

When you sign up, you get your own address with specific mail box ID. When you receive your package, they notify you and send you a photo of your package. In case that you have received more packages, you can consolidate them into one big box and get the best shipping savings. Once your package is ready, you can forward it anywhere in the world and get a really good deal which you wouldn’t be able to get if you shop in your home country!

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