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The internet of things (IoT) has moved well beyond a buzzword that’s to arrive at

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internet of things

internet of things

The internet of things (IoT) has moved well beyond a buzzword that’s to arrive at some point in the future – with real-world examples that can now be found in factories, homes and businesses all over the world.
This list is an unscientific look at some of the biggest companies attempting to turn the IoT market into a reality.
And with the internet of things already making big waves in the UK energy and manufacturing industries, it’s unsurprising
that many of the most well-known technology giants have invested heavily in IoT.
Here are the most powerful internet of things companies in 2017.
1. SAP
SAP’s in-memory S/4HANA enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite allows customers to gain real-time insights from the data collected from connected sensors. The platform also allows third parties to develop IoT applications via open APIs.
In addition, SAP launched Leonardo in January 2017 as a standalone IoT platform, offering its customers a service which tracks data from connected sensors to gain insights quickly. Then in July SAP expanded Leonardo as a “digital innovation  system”, across a whole spectrum of enterprise problems.
2. GE
buy instagram likesAmerican manufacturing giant General Electric (GE) created a parallel organisation called General Electric Digital 2015 to focus
on predictive maintenance and other aspects of IoT. Meanwhile, GE Digital’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, Predix, is a software platform that integrates machine-generated data with traditional and cloud databases.
GE already has products for hospital operations management, airline fuel optimisation and Grid IQ solutions for utility companies. Other industrial suppliers like Schneider Electric are making a big IoT push, too.
Additionally, General Electric and Accenture have joined forces to create Taleris, which diagnoses and predicts aircraft maintenance issues before they happen, leveraging the performance data to ensure vehicles are fit for purpose and work optimally.
3. Rolls Royce
Like GE and Accenture, British manufacturing firm Rolls Royce uses IoT enabled sensors in its jet engines to monitor performance and discover any problems before they become an actual problem. While not strictly an IoT company itself, Rolls Royce uses Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Suite to diagnose these issues and provide insight back to airlines.
More specifically, Rolls Royce uses Azure Stream Analytics and Power BI, which enables it to pull sensor data from its engines and connect it with information from air traffic control, including route data, weather and of course fuel usage from the aircraft itself, to get a fuller picture of the health of its engines.
This aims to help airlines become more streamlined and efficient, helping them make better decisions around aircraft
options and route choice.
4. ARM
British chip designer ARM has made a concerted effort in recent years to push itself into the IoT space.
The company’s low-power designs have been the mainstay of consumer items like smartphones and set top boxes for years
now, making it well positioned to branch out into the IoT ecosystem with designs that can be used in low-powered connected sensors.
It’s worth noting that ARM doesn’t fabricate processors itself, but its expertise in the space was enough of a driver for Japanese conglomerate Softbank to buy the company in 2016 , to expand its own IoT portfolio.
5. Bosch
6. Cisco
7. Ingenu
8. Amazon Web Services
9. Centrica
10. AT&T
11. Dell

Article by : InstaDean

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