Introduction of lavender oil and its benefits

A person can get a lot of essential oils from the stores, but the one

Fashion & HealthIntroduction of lavender oil and its benefits
Introduction of lavender oil and its benefits

Introduction of lavender oil and its benefits

A person can get a lot of essential oils from the stores, but the one that is most beneficial is Lavender oil. The important effect it has on the body is the relaxing feel a person gets by its use. This is oil that is regarded as the most essential one for skin. The skin problems are healed as this is highly effective in the cleansing of cuts and bruises. The fragrance of this oil is really relaxing, balancing and calming. It helps a lot both in emotional and physical ways. There are some of the routine benefits that a person can get by the use of lavender oil that are as follows.

Sleeping aid

The soothing effect obtained by the use of this oil aid in solving the sleep issues. Just putting small amount of this oil on the palms will help a lot in getting sleep. The most essential element is the fragrance obtained from inhaling the scent of this oil that helps in sleeping.

Calming effect with Lavender Essential Oil

There are some glands in human body that are known by the name of amygdale. These glands are especially known for their emotional strength. They are also called by the name of emotional warehouse. The mind is calmed down by the inhalation process of lavender oil. Just rubbing this oil on the wrists, feet and temples help a lot. An immediate effect is obtained by using this oil.

Healing burns

In case of minor burns, Lavender Essential Oil helps a lot to reduce the pain. People normally spill their drinks or tea on hands or any other part of body accidently. In these circumstances, the pain at the spot is really hard to bear and the use of lavender oil will help a lot in soothing the pain. There will be no pain, swelling or redness on the burnt area once this oil is applied immediately after getting the burn.

Reduce motion sickness and nausea

For the people who have severe issue of motion sickness, this oil is a blessing. The soothing effect of this oil is really effective in many ways. When the person feels that he is having any such issue, the use of this oil on the back of ears, around navel area and a drop on the tip of tongue would be really helpful.


Mostly people face the problem of nosebleed and it’s common. To solve the problem, they can use lavender oil. Just put a tissue around the ice with small amount of lavender oil on it. This chip should be placed in the area between the upper lip and nose. This should be kept until the person feels comfortable and bleeding stops.

These were some of the benefits obtained from lavender oil. All these remedies show that this essential oil has innumerable advantages. If it is used in right amount at right places, this can be really helpful in many ways. The soothing effect of this oil can bring comfort to life.

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