Nikon Nukes | Canon Rocks – The War of Two Brands

Canon and Nikon have been on the market for decades, and have been constantly at

Fashion & HealthNikon Nukes | Canon Rocks – The War of Two Brands
Nikon Nukes | Canon Rocks – The War of Two Brands

Nikon Nukes | Canon Rocks – The War of Two Brands

Canon and Nikon have been on the market for decades, and have been constantly at war. This is because both companies are dedicated to offering users something extra. Something that allows them to be the better. Even so, both of them offer a number of features that are not similar, still, they are much similar to Coke and Pepsi. When you ask people the difference between a Nikon and Canon they will start listing different aspect. But I feel as a professional photographer, that only the basics should be considered; and here what you should be looking at.

Sensors – Both companies offer powerful sensors, but you need to understand that there is much more that goes into building a quality camera than the size of the sensor. Both companies have been offering amazing sensors, and just one you think one of them is getting ahead, the other one catches on.

Speed – Both companies offer great speed when it comes to autofocus, but there is a slight difference when it comes to burst speed. Where canon offers more speed in high-end cameras, Nikon offers faster speed in budget-friendly models.

Operation – They both offer similar operation. However, there are slight differences when it comes to terminology, settings, and battery. The Nikon offers a longer battery life, and its terminology is easier to understand and remember.

Video – Nikon has recently started offering autofocus system in their video mode, while Canon was the one to introduce the feature. If we talk about the cameras that are in the market today, then both companies offer an equal result when it comes to video recording.

Options – When it comes to options then both offer a great range. Where Nikon still does not offer a camera designed for astrophotography. On the other hand, Canon does not offer affordable full sensor DSLR cameras. So it really does depend on what you are after in this one.

If you ask me in my opinion which company is better than I would have to say; that there is no easy way to answer the question. As I use both companies and have been doing so for years. This is because it really does come down to personal preferences. You have to know that you are after, and what you need to get the images you have in mind. There is no one in the world that would be able to offer a generalized objective that can be used by all photographers.

This is because it depends on your field, how you will be using the camera, what are you in the market for, and so much more. Which is why you should never rely on anyone else’s judgment. You need to understand what you want from your camera, and then look for the camera that offers the perfect mixture of what you are after. You might not be able to find one that offers all that you need, but you can easily find something that comes close, and that is as good as it gets.

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