The Best Leather Products You Are Looking For in 2017

Tuscany has been known as a home for the top artisans of leather in Italy. 

Fashion & HealthThe Best Leather Products You Are Looking For in 2017
The Best Leather Products You Are Looking For in 2017

The Best Leather Products You Are Looking For in 2017

Tuscany has been known as a home for the top artisans of leather in Italy.  They are the experts of leather art and craft. You can always get beautiful and classic leather goods in all over Rome, Florence, and other Tuscan cities. The Tuscany leather shops are so good that you won’t be able to find anywhere around the globe. A variety of leather products will be available in these Tuscan shops; the goods mainly include leather jackets, purses, journals garments, photo albums phone cases and covers. Independent Tuscany leather shops are present which are more affordable than any other branded leather shops

Leather phone case,

Leather has always been on trend no matter what new designs and material comes in the market leather shall always be considered as a classic choice. Phone cases have come up in trend since the introduction of smart phones, phone cases have become a necessity now. So to provide classic phone case leather is the one choice.

Shell cordovan

The production of the famous shell cordovan leather was initiated from Cordoba in Spain. For hundreds of years, this region was not just famous for leather production but also for the work they did regarding gold and silver. Therefore the name of this leather material cordovan qualifies the practice being done in Cordoba. Now, this is one of the most illustrious leather materials present, and it has been used in producing leather phone cases as well. The most classic phone cases are being produced using this leather material.

Genuine ostrich leather

The next in line is the genuine ostrich collection, as the name suggests the leather material emanates from the ostrich, this leather material stands out from the rest due to its some of the significant characteristics. The one very relevant character of this leather is the pores that it consists. The other very interesting characteristic of this leather that makes us feel it as a living material is that the color of this material darkens when it is in contact with the skin whereas it gets lighter whenever it gets visible to light. It is so reliable that it stays the same for years just a little maintenance of cloth wiping is required to keep it clean. This leather is a beauty in itself, and the longevity of the material makes it an excellent option to be used for the production of leather phone case.

Leather phone covers

Similarly, leather phone covers are also present in a wide range as they are also now have become a complementary good for smart phones. Leather phone covers are present in different sizes and colors. These covers can also be customized based on your preferences, and they are available for all good and most used smart phone brands like Samsung, Google pixel, iPhone, and Huawei.

iPhone covers

The special thing about buying iPhone covers from Tuscany is that they are handmade. Various types of iPhone covers are available like

  • Hard back covers,
  • Wallet covers,
  • Holder pouches
  • Flip bi-fold covers

These covers can be customized, the type of leather, the color, the design everything can be customized.

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