Top 10 Trending Events on Social Media – Just have a Look

The best thing about social media that you will see in this year is that

Social MediaTop 10 Trending Events on Social Media – Just have a Look
Top 10 Trending Events on Social Media – Just have a Look

Top 10 Trending Events on Social Media – Just have a Look

The best thing about social media that you will see in this year is that it the changes are constant and they occur time to time. There are many new features that the users will experience in coming months and also many brand opportunities and preferences. So in coming days, we will see many social media trends that are just going to surprise us. In this article, we are going to discuss top 10 trending events on social media that will evolve to wonder us. There are also many chances that the landscape of marketing through social media will also experience a big change.

  1. The Al Lenses on Instagram and Facebook

Due to the introduction of facial filters in Snapchat, this social media network is becoming very popular. The concept of Facial lenses in already tested by Facebook in the previous year and it is obvious that it will be a great social media trend in this year. Same is the case with the Instagram stories. There are about 100 million users that are active in Instagram Stories.

  1. There will be more Customer Service Chatbots

Most of the businesses that are entering in this year is preferring customer service so the response to the social media messages is increasing to about 18% these businesses are diverting to increase the customer services resources to chatbots.

  1. The Power of Paid Content & Followers

Due to social media algorithm, it is difficult for businesses to promote the organic content so due to the introduction of the Instagram algorithm, it is very easy to do so and the basic purpose of all these social networks is to make the users happy and satisfied.  However if you buy real active Instagram followers, promoting content becomes much easier!

  1. Giving Preferences to Analytics and Business Features

Analytics and reporting are becoming the increasing trends on many social media networks. There are about 93% executives who are using these features to get market insight.

  1. The Use of Social Media Analytics

There is a lot of difficulty in understanding the data and to make a decision so about 34% small businesses are using Social media Analytics to engage with customers. In this way, the businesses will find more audience to make the connection more efficiently.

  1. Less Automation

The most popular social media trending in this year will be effective tools for management and there will be less automation. A brand should avoid automated social media engagement.

  1. Quick Purchasing and Social Shopping

There will be more networks that will provide brands opportunities to sell to their customers in a quick possible way. Quick purchasing is possible on many networks like Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Getting the Single Customer View

There will be more brands that will gather information about customers and these bands will track prospects and customer through communication not by ads and email subscriptions.

  1. More Investment on Social Ads

Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will invest more in their platforms reserved for advertising and many new features will be introduced for brands to make a connection with the audience.

It is true that Social Media will spread out throughout the organizations and in all departments of marketing.

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